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Tutoring and Coaching in Math, Chemistry, Science, and French
From grades 1 to 12                   In French and English

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We Got You Covered with Family Centered Services

Before lessons, students undergo practical assessments to diagnose gaps in their knowledge and study skills, and test responses are thoroughly audited to pinpoint the exact issues that need to be addressed.

Dr. Amina Ould-Brahim,
Ph.D. Chemistry, OCT

Every student will receive a tailored learning plan to efficiently tackle their weaknesses and challenges while enhancing their analytical and critical thinking abilities. This is a crucial measure towards achieving academic triumph.

As students develop a growth mindset and engage in self-directed learning, they gain mastery over the material and build confidence.

Detailed progress reports and virtual meetings are available for parents and students to stay informed and engaged.

Children learning with teacher

New Math and Python Coding Workshops

Discover our new weekly math workshops online, with themes tailored to both homeschooling and traditional students.

For programs, check our monthly schedule.


Our Services

We offer one-to-one classes for the following courses:

  • Math for grades 1 to 12, in English and French. (number sense, algebra 1 and 2, calculus, advanced functions, trigonometry, vectors, etc.).

  • Chemistry, Physics and Computer Sciences for grades 11 and 12 in English and French.

  • Sciences for grades 7 to 12, in English and French.

  •  French for speakers and non-speakers

  • Study Skills: such as time management, work habits, note-taking,  memorization techniques,  and organization skills

And group classes for the following courses:

  • Math: building foundations for students who want to fill gaps or reach ahead.

  • French: conversation, reading, and writing. Suitable for beginner or intermediate-level students who want to gain fluency in French.

The following new programs are now  available additionally to our  regular  classes:

  • In-person tutoring for all grades.

  • Grades 1 to 7, math and science tutoring classes

  • Physics  and Computer Science for High School Students

  • Computer Science to university students

Upon enrolling with us, you will have access to the following support: Free planning 30-minute session before registration, ​ Study skills assessment to evaluate any study skills gaps before starting   classes ​ Personalized learning plan to help your child fill the knowledge and study skills gaps and  acquire critical thinking and analytic skills ​ Private access to feedback and progress reports anytime. ​ Students can email questions between sessions. ​ Ongoing communication with parents and students

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